Thursday, January 07, 2010

embracing whimsy

i figured if i'm going to keep this blog, i need to take some steps toward updating it. 2009 was a year full of goodness. so here's a (very) small sampling of what the year entailed.

my hope for 2010:
"I asked Bob what was the key to living such a great story, and Bob seemed uncomfortable with the idea he was anything special. But he wanted to answer my question, so he thought about it and said he didn't think we should be afraid to embrace whimsy. I asked him what he meant by whimsy, and he struggled to define it. He said it's that nagging idea that life could be magical; it could be special if we were only willing to take a few risks."
-Donald Miller, A Million Miles in a Thousand Years


Abby said...

I think quite a few of us are inspired by Donald's words this year. I KNOW you will make a good story; I hope that I can as well. Lots of prayer and 12 months will tell the tale.

Courtney said...

oh, there is gonna be SO much whimsy. lerv you!